2024 Va GA Session Update 1 – 1/12/2024

Greetings from your Political Affairs Committee!

The 2024 Virginia General Assembly convened Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

Happiness is . . .
having Democrats in the majority in the Senate and the House of Delegates,
thanks to your votes in November!

Watch for lots of grandstanding and speechmaking, as many new legislators take office, and our Republican governor tries to rebuke democratic advances.

Bills to watch will be highlighted here in weekly updates, and efforts will be made to help ignite action as events warrant. Click https://richmond.com/news/state-regional/government-politics/bills-to-watch-in-the-2024-legislative-session/article_d7abf6fe-a0eb-11ee-8586-fb90f97cab1f.html for a look at some key measures that will come before the legislature in the upcoming 60-day session, including:

• reproductive rights
• mental health
• gun violence prevention
• voting rights
• raising the minimum wage

Sandra Whitley Ryals, VP
Committee Members: Barbara Andes, Becky Clark, Jessica Hilbish and Catherine Koebel Stromberg

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