Introducing RVDW’s New Logo

A logo that centers women: Our new logo features visual symbols of our demand for suffrage and equality, improved font and visibility of the word “women.”

A logo for our region: RVDW encompasses the entirety of the Roanoke Valley. Our new logo uses the dogwood blossom, Virginia’s state flower, to visually expand and include our regional community.

A logo with a message: Women of the Roanoke Valley are in this 21st century struggle to advance equality, demand autonomy, secure our rights, and preserve democracy.

Thank you to the design team (Graphic Artist Beth Deel, RVDW Communications, and RVDW Board) for their work in developing our new logo.

Notes from the design team:

RVDW’s new logo and iconography represent our place in modern day politics and society while acknowledging the generations that came before us.

Pictured above are several examples of suffrage activism graphics. The yellow rose and the sunflower emerged as powerful symbols during the women’s suffrage movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The yellow rose became a symbol of hope and solidarity in the United States. In 1913, suffragists wore yellow roses during a march in Washington, DC, to advocate for women’s right to vote. Similarly, the sunflower gained significance in the UK and in the motto “Faith, Hope, and Courage.” The flowers embodied the resilience and determination of women fighting for their right to participate in the democratic process.

Why not a “donkey”? The association of the donkey with the Democratic Party traces back to the 1828 presidential campaign of Andrew Jackson when women and BIPOC were not full citizens of the United States.

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