Sheriff Antonio Hash has a heart for service

RVDW’s January meeting reminded us of the importance of engaging with our elected local leaders. Capturing the enthusiasm and heart for service guest speaker Roanoke City Sheriff Antonio Hash has for his job, his city, its residents, and his staff will likely prove impossible.

RVDW highly recommends organizations invite Sheriff Hash to speak to learn about his department, his vision, and to enjoy his contagious positivity. (“You’re welcome!” in advance for that recommendation.)

City Sheriff is a Constitutional Office. In 2021, Antonio Hash, then a 13-year veteran of the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Department, proudly ran and won election as a Democrat. While he will run for re-election as a Democrat in 2025, Hash reminded his audience that his sworn duty, like all public servants, is to the Constitution (State of Virginia and US), his department, his city, and to all the citizens of Roanoke City.

Hash eagerly explained the Sheriff Department’s mission, values, structural organization, and its relationship to other agencies.

With his opening presentation screen, Sheriff Hash made clear that “integrity, service, dedication, and courage are the four pillars of the department’s values. We will treat people with respect, fairness, and compassion; value each employee’s and citizen’s contribution to the department and the community regardless of position, assignment, or role; create a work environment that encourages innovation, input and participation, and values each member’s diversity; work in partnership with each other and the community to reach an environment where we are all accountable and responsible to one another.”

“As a diverse, professional law enforcement agency, [the department] serves and protects every person within the City of Roanoke through quality law enforcement, court, correctional, civil process, and customer-focused services. We will strive to be a model sheriff’s office, upholding high professional standards and values, guided by our mission and the law enforcement code of ethics, while building positive relationships with those we serve,” reads the Sheriff’s mission statement.

Sheriff Hash’s description of the Roanoke City Detention Center as “a city within a city” is borne out in RCDC Security and RCDC Support Services website pages. The Detention Center’s goal is “to protect the community, to carry out judgments imposed by the courts, to provide a safe and humane environment for those committed to the [Sheriff Department] custody and to strive to increase the number of inmates who return to the community as law abiding citizens.” The Support Services Division’s role is “to provide support to the Jail Security Division through providing services to inmates housed in the Roanoke City Jail.” More: RCDC Security and RCDC Support Services

The objectives of the Court Security Division are “to provide a level of security within the courtrooms/courthouse, not infringing upon the judicial process or the rights of individuals, but assuring maximum protection to the community, court officials and staff.” More: Court Security Division

And, finally, the Law Enforcement Division “maintains peace and order within the community, ensuring the safety of all citizens while respecting the rights and freedoms of individuals.” More: Law Enforcement Division

The Sheriff’s Department has several outreach and volunteer programs including the AWARE Foundation, Project Lifesaver, and Roanoke City TRIAD, a partnership of local law enforcement, senior citizens, and senior services providers working together to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly.

Sheriff Hash gladly took questions following his remarks and offered and encouraged engagement with the department and affiliated programs.

There are opportunities throughout the year for donations and support including reading materials for the Detention Center Library, and seasonal meal and gift collection events that take place in November and December. Contact Tameka Paige at (540) 853-1761 or for more details.


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